On the subject of bailouts and government buyouts or buy-ups of banks, a caveat: the objection is making the rounds that such activity is “socialism.” That is not the case. Socialism endeavors to cancel out the market. When it takes over business activities, it removes them from the sphere of the market. But these buyouts…Continue Reading “Are Government Buyouts Socialism?”

This is the point behind the Bill Ayers connection. No one believes that Barack Obama condones or has condoned the terrorism practiced by Bill Ayers. But the underlying goal of Revolution is what they share. The one tried to accomplish it through violent means; the other will attempt to accomplish it through the ballot box….Continue Reading “Obama is a Revolutionary”

The stock markets continue to plummet in unnerving fashion. The blame for it is centering on the “bailout” package — was it too little too late, was it too much, was the passage of it a dispiriting display of bad leadership. I think it goes deeper than that. The bailout was never meant to solve…Continue Reading “What's Behind the Meltdown”

At bottom, the issue involved in this financial crisis is false weights and measures. That is, a standard of valuation that is manipulated, making people believe they are receiving something other (of lesser value) than they actually are. The Bible has this to say about such false weights and measures: Le 19:36 Just balances, just…Continue Reading “The Bottom Line: False Weights and Measures”