America has now celebrated her 232nd birthday, and the world celebrates with her. If any secular nation could be a “city upon a hill,” as John Winthrop, founder of the Massachusetts Bay Colony put it, then America is. The greatest nation the world has ever seen, whether in terms of wealth, power, influence, liberty, equality,…Continue Reading “Deconstructing the Declaration”

The Federal Reserve is currently faced with a crisis of sorts: unfilled places on the Board of Governors, the group which makes the monetary policy decisions such as the target for short-term interest rates. Currently two of the seven seats on the board are unfilled, and another will become vacant when Frederick Mishkin departs on…Continue Reading “Larry Kudlow to Fed Board of Governors?”

Two developments in the last few days have made even more clear the danger to the republic we face in our generation. First, the US Supreme Court decision granting constitutional rights to foreign combatants; second, the sponsorship of homosexual marriage in California. Both of these developments are the long-developing fruit of the doctrine of natural…Continue Reading “Ominous Developments”

In understanding the phenomenon of liberal dominance of leadership positions in society, it is helpful to look at things from their point of view. Liberals view the market as an overpowering reality against which they must constantly struggle to save society from the egotism, exploitation, rapine, and devastation caused by uncontrolled economic activity. And, aside…Continue Reading “Liberalism in the role of underdog”

Just to complete the thought of the earlier post on politics and politicians (The Sovereign, the Elite, and the Machinery of Manipulation), ask yourself this question: what is a politician’s true constituency? Ostensibly, in a representative democracy a politician represents those who voted for him or her; therefore, his constituency is his voters. But recall…Continue Reading “The Politicians' True Constituency”