Announcement of Publication: Rougemont, The Individualists in Church & State

WordBridge Publishing announces the publication of Frédéric de Rougemont, The Individualists in Church & State. Translated from the French edition of 1844 by Colin Wright.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The church steadily weakens; the state, filling the void, steadily strengthens. Unbelief runs rampant; faith withers. The morality of the barnyard triumphs; decency and honour vanish in the mists.
What lies behind the dominance of secular degradation, our cultural sickness unto death? Could it be the individualist mind-set infecting the church?
In this sprightly work, the 19th century Swiss statesman Frédéric de Rougemont explores just this issue, right at the point of origin. His conclusion: revivalist movements spread individualism into the church, which went from there to society at large. In turn, this led to the radical separation of church and state and the consequent triumph of unbelief in and through the state.
Rougemont’s exposé leads us right to the present day. He reminds us that through the church’s negligence, this miserable condition was allowed to arise. This means that that through the church’s faithfulness, it can be overcome. If only she would be faithful to her calling to the nations.
This book is required reading for Christians who wish to understand the imperatives of the Christian life and the task of the church in modern society.

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