The Greeks and the Gospel now available

The digital version of J.B. Skemp’s classic work, The Greeks and the Gospel, is now available. Click here for further information.

New Book: Pierre Marcel, The Christian Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd

Until now available only in typewritten manuscript, Pierre Marcel’s two-volume analysis of the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd has now been made available to the reading public in a magnificent English translation by Colin Wright. Follow this link for further information.

Review, Follow the Money

An interesting review, in Portuguese but with an English translation, of Follow the Money.

Epub versions now available

Epub versions  of the following titles are now available: Goods, Rights, and Austrian Capital Theory Principles of Law Private Law Lectures on the Philosophy of History More to come!

Follow the Money published

Follow the Money will be available as of January 31st. Review copies are available upon request. A CreateSpace preview is available here.

We’ve moved to WordPress

Actually, we haven’t moved to WordPress, we’re on the same old server we’ve been on forever. But we’re using WordPress for the first time as the website content vehicle. A great improvement, don’t you agree?