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Schumpeter translation highlights History of Political Economy article

Our translation of Joseph Schumpeter’s Treatise on Money has been made the centerpiece of “Joseph Schumpeter‘s Credit View of Money: A Contribution to a “Monetary Analysis” of Capitalism” by Odile Lakomski-Laguerre, published in the September 2016 issue of the History of Political Economy.

Here is the abstract:

The purpose of this article is to bring to light a central—although neglected—aspect of Joseph Schumpeter’s thought, namely, his theory of money. Regarding the important contribution he made to a “monetary analysis” of capitalism, we show how Schumpeter pertains to a long tradition of alternative views of economic theory that were based on the key role of money, banking, and credit. We particularly stress the very consistency of his monetary thought, mostly focusing on the links between money and credit, as Schumpeter claimed the need for a “credit theory of money.” We base our interpretation on a systematic and thorough exploitation of Schumpeter’s posthumously published book, recently translated into English under the title A Treatise on Money. This is an essential resource, in which Schumpeter replaced the orthodox view of a “real” economy by the central concept of money as a “social accounting” system. We offer some insights regarding the core ideas of Schumpeter’s book and shed light on a quite unknown aspect of his monetary theory: the key role of central banking and monetary policy. We also suggest the original proposition that, in Schumpeter’s thought, the hierarchical banking system manages and regulates economic life in the dynamic framework of an evolving capitalism.

Stephen Wolfe reviews Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution

Stephen Wolfe reviews Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution, in Philosophia Reformata, Volume 81, Issue 2, pages 193 – 196.

Marcel on Dooyeweerd Reviewed in Philosophia Reformata

Pierre Marcel, The Christian Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd, translated by Colin Wright, was reviewed by H.G. Geertsema in Philosophia Reformata, vol. 80, no. 2 (2015), pp. 205-213.

[Colin Wright] made a special effort to consistently complete the footnotes of Marcel’s text. Meticulous research forms the basis for the information he provides in this respect…. Colin Wright certainly should be praised for all the work he has done, even more so because he is neither a professional translator nor philosopher.

To this we add, where would we be without amateur scholars?

Review of Schumpeter, Treatise on Money, in Italian journal Moneta e Credito

The following short review is contained in the Italian journal Moneta e Credito, vol. 67 n. 267 (2013), p. 344. It is translated from the Italian.

Having remained unpublished after the death of the author (who is said to have declined to publish it after the appearance in 1930 of Keynes’ Treatise on Money, intending to confront it on an equal footing), this important essay was published only in 1970 in the original German (and in 1990 in Italian, in the series of the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino) and is now being offered in English translation, which also includes the introduction by Fritz Karl Mann from the original German edition. The functioning of the monetary and financial system is known to be an important aspect of the Schumpeterian theory of development: this text is therefore crucial to integrate a full understanding of the theoretical construction of the great Austrian economist, as well as to provide material of considerable interest to a reconstruction of the debates on monetary theory in the thirties of the last century, a period of great interest in the history of economic thought.

Announcement of Publication: Groen van Prinsterer, Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution

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Announcement of Publication: Rougemont, The Individualists in Church & State

WordBridge Publishing announces the publication of Frédéric de Rougemont, The Individualists in Church & State. Translated from the French edition of 1844 by Colin Wright.

ABOUT THE BOOK: The church steadily weakens; the state, filling the void, steadily strengthens. Unbelief runs rampant; faith withers. The morality of the barnyard triumphs; decency and honour vanish in the mists.
What lies behind the dominance of secular degradation, our cultural sickness unto death? Could it be the individualist mind-set infecting the church?
In this sprightly work, the 19th century Swiss statesman Frédéric de Rougemont explores just this issue, right at the point of origin. His conclusion: revivalist movements spread individualism into the church, which went from there to society at large. In turn, this led to the radical separation of church and state and the consequent triumph of unbelief in and through the state.
Rougemont’s exposé leads us right to the present day. He reminds us that through the church’s negligence, this miserable condition was allowed to arise. This means that that through the church’s faithfulness, it can be overcome. If only she would be faithful to her calling to the nations.
This book is required reading for Christians who wish to understand the imperatives of the Christian life and the task of the church in modern society.

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Schumpeter, Treatise on Money reviewed by Morten Balling of Aarhus University and SUERF

The translation of Schumpeter, Treatise on Money has been reviewed by Morten Balling of Aarhus University and SUERF.

Schumpeter translation reviewed in UK economics journal

The Treatise on Money has been reviewed in the September issue of the peer-reviewed academic journal Economic Issues. The review can be downloaded here.